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Dialysis machine Dialysis is a treatment that is intended to help impaired kidney function. When you have kidney failure, your kidneys are unable to remove excess fluid and wastes from your bloodstream. Dialysis helps keep your body in balance when your kidneys can no longer do that for you. When diagnosed with kidney failure, patients feel fatigued and weak. The primary benefit of dialysis is that it can extend the life of a person suffering from kidney failure.

How Does Dialysis Work?

Dialysis works by removing extra water, waste and salt from you body. It helps your body regulate a safe blood pressure and it ensures the appropriate levels of chemicals are present in your bloodstream. Unfortunately dialysis does not cure kidney disease. Unless you are able to get a kidney transplant, dialysis treatments will become a part of your routine. Dialysis can be performed at home or at a dialysis center.

Understanding kidney failure treatment is the first step to dealing with this change in your life. Living with kidney disease is possible and today’s advanced medical technologies make it comfortable. There are two forms of dialysis available. Give us a call today and we will discuss your individual situation and work to find the best treatment option. At our kidney centers, the number one priority is to have you feeling better. With the help of our friendly nephrologists at the Kidney Institutes we will formulate a treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle.