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happy senior woman on wheelchair with caregiverAt our kidney centers, we have two social workers who oversee all four clinics. Our social workers are highly trained to help patients with a variety of challenges associated with adjusting to life on dialysis. The main function of the social workers is to support patients and family members by discussing health concerns, answering questions and talking about emotional needs.

Develop A Relationship With Your Social Worker

Our social workers work closely with the nephrologists and dialysis nurses to enhance patients coping skills. Our social workers educate patients and encourage them to resume normal activities that will help them enjoy a better quality of life. Many patients have relied on the social workers at the kidney centers in many different aspects of life. Our social workers are here to make your life better. Your social worker is an extension of your family and like the rest of the staff at the kidney centers, the social workers are always free to talk.

If you have any questions regarding the scope of our social work services, please reach out to one of them.