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Purchase list. Empty spaceAt our kidney centers, we have two renal dietitians who specialize in the nutritional needs of people on dialysis. The dietitians are a central part of our team as they work to create personalized eating plans for patients. The dietitians work to educate patients on the specific dietary restrictions a person with kidney failure must follow to prevent bad outcomes.

How Will The Nutritionist Help Me?

The nutritionists at the kidney centers will help you plan your meals depending on your stage of kidney disease. They will make adjustments based on the results of your blood work and your treatment plan. If you have questions about the best kinds of food to eat when you have kidney failure, our dietitians have answers. The nutritionists at the kidney centers will monitor your health and make educated recommendations to balance your diet and improve your overall health.

If you have questions regarding the scope of our nutrition services, give us a call and talk to one of our dietitians.